Monday, December 13, 2010

Understanding uncertainty: Infinite monkey business

The idea that an infinite number of monkeys typing at random on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare apparently dates from 1913, and has appeared repeatedly in popular culture ever since. When the BBC Horizon team decided to make a programme about infinity. We said we needed a program to churn out random letters and match them to Shakespeare, and so they commissioned a Monkey Simulator program from Aaron Russell, which is available from this website.
The Monkey Simulator program generates random symbols from a list of 31 options: 26 lower-case letters, a space, a comma, a full stop, a semicolon and a hyphen. After a sequence of four symbols has been generated, the program searches for a match in a stored plain-text version of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, ignoring whether a letter is capital or lower-case. If the procedure finds one or more matches, it generates a further character and again checks if there is a match for five symbols, and so on, until no matches are found. Then it starts again with a new sequence of four characters. Characters are generated at a rate of 50 per second. (We note that this procedure cannot match sequences that stretch over the 36,357 line returns in the text file, and also cannot match all the other punctuation in the text, such as the 10,475 question marks and 8,827 exclamation marks.)

Business Plus- TV Channel

Business Plus is the first Pakistani channel to offer business news and analysis. The focus of Business Plus is on news and current affairs through credible and hard-hitting programming. First mover advantage resulting in high brand preference among viewers.
Business Plus is identified for its credible & authentic news & data due to its systematic editorial policy Dedicated, specialized and a professionally qualified team for all operations & programming.

Business Account Charges by RBS Bank

Thcharges for the day to day running of your account are detailed These charges together form your ‘service charge’. The charging periods for transactions forming part of your service charge generally end when your statement is produced. The charges are then applied 14 days later.

Business Current Account –Standard Tariff
You will pay a fixed amount for each transaction that you carry out on your Business Current Account. For details of charges on your Business Current Account see ‘Standard Tariff’

Business Plus Account
If you bank online or over the telephone you may prefer the Business Plus Account which includes free automated transactions. For details of charges on your Business Plus Account see ‘Business Plus Tariff’ on

Business Plus is only available to business customers with an annual turnover of less than £250,000 and less than £25,000 total borrowing.
Foundation Account –Standard Tariff
If you’re starting your first business and have no trading history, or if you have a poor credit history, our Foundation Account could be just what your business needs. It provides straightforward, transaction-based business banking, giving you and your business time to establish a credit and trading record. For details of charges on the Foundation Account see ‘Standard Tariff’

Royalties Business Account
You will pay a fixed monthly fee from only £25 covering you for every day transactions. In addition, there are plenty of extra benefits to help your business, for example, you can take advantage of discounted RBS Small Business Loan rates and annual card fees. For details of charges on the Royalties Business Account see ‘Royalties Business Account’
Treasurers Account Tariff
A simple way to manage your organisation’s finances. There are no transaction charges on frequently used services.

If you are starting a new business, we give you two years’ free banking.
Free banking means that the charges for the day to day running of your account (known in this leaflet as your “service charge”) will not apply during the free banking period. At the end of the free banking period, you will automatically move to the Standard Tariff detailed on pages 5 and 6. Charges for “Additional Services” and “Unarranged Borrowing” detailed in this leaflet are not part of the free banking offer. Free banking applies to businesses that started trading within the past twelve months with projected or existing annual turnover not exceeding £1 million.

"Financial calculator for Pocket PC”

Pocket 10B Plus Business Calculator is specifically designed for performing financial calculations and is based on the popular HP-10B/II.
Key features of the program include:
  • Functions, thinks, and behaves like the HP-10B/HP-10BII
  • Algebraic data entry
  • Labeled output
  • Automatic constants
  • Interest conversion
  • Business percentages
  • Time value of money
  • Cash flows analysis
  • Amortization
  • One and two variable statistics
  • Three key memory

Emulate the popular financial calculator, HP-10B on your Pocket PC...

Business Communication

Business Communication:communication used to promote a product, service, or organization; relay information within the business; or deal with legal and similar issues. It is also a means of relaying between a supply chain, for example the consumer and manufacturer.
Business Communication is known simply as "Communications." It encompasses a variety of topics, including Marketing, Branding, Customer relations, Consumer behaviour, Advertising, Public relations, Corporate communication, Community engagement, Research & Measurement, Reputation management, Interpersonal communication, Employee engagement, Online communication, and Event management. It is closely related to the fields of professional communication and technical communication.